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Made in Grimsby

Hi everyone. My name is Kat Musselwhite and I am the Founder, Web Designer, Content Writer, Data Inputter, Social Media Manager, Promoter and Face of Made in Grimsby.

So, yes, I run Made in Grimsby completely by myself. It is 100% me.

I would love to hire others to help me, but right now I don’t have the money. Maybe one day 🙂

Anyway, my aim for this website is to be an independent resource promoting small businesses in the local area, helping my fellow Grimbarians to find exactly what they are looking for whilst supporting the local economy.

Since I launched Made in Grimsby has become so much more than that. I am born and raised in Grimsby, and although I have left a few times for Uni and work, I have always found my way back again. This is my home, and I’m passionate about turning around the negative attitude so many people seem to have about our town – not helped by the media, or a certain film…

Who is Kat Musselwhite?

I’m a copywriter by profession, specialising in working on e-commerce websites. I’m also working on my first novel…hopefully, I’ll find the time to finish it one day.

I love steam trains, I’m a Final Fantasy fangirl, I enjoy drawing, reading and I’m a big advocate for promoting positivity and mental health as much as I can.