Table of Contents

What are the benefits of joining?

I’m currently working on a full list of benefits, so watch this space, however, at present the benefits include:

  1. Addition to the Made in Grimsby directory
  2. Feature on the front page of the website (this is limited to three businesses, so as not to clog up the front page, however, it is randomised so there is plenty of opportunities for you to show up, plus customers have the opportunity to click through all featured businesses which as also randomised)
  3. Monthly mentions on each anniversary of your membership across Instagram and Facebook
  4. Opportunity to feature on the blog (limited to once a year to keep things fair for all businesses)
  5. Discount on services from my main business KJ Copywriting. Get in touch for more information.
  6. Add your events to the Made in Grimsby Events Calendar
  7. Advertise job vacancies on Made in Grimsby

How much is a membership?

The cost of a membership depends which category your business fits into:

Small Business: £10 a month

Large Business: £20 a month

Charity: Free

CIC: Free

Please see below for definitions of each category.

How long does a membership last?

The minimum term for a Made in Grimsby membership is 12 months. 

If you choose to remove your business before the period ends, you will still need to pay.

What if I was added during the free period?

If your business was added to the Made in Grimsby directory prior to November 1st 2020, your business will remain on the website free-of-charge for as long as your business continues to operate, unless:

  1. You violate the terms and conditions
  2. You choose to upgrade to a paid membership


If your business disappears and you are not sure why, feel free to contact me and I will look into it for you.

What is a "Small Business"?

A “small business” is one that operates from a single location and is run either by one person or has only a small number of staff.

I’m aware that there are some larger businesses currently under the Small Business category, however, these will be moved in the future.

What is a "Large Business"

A “large business” is one that operates from several locations across Lincolnshire and/or has a large team of employees.

What is a "Charity"

A “charity” is a business that operates not-for-profit.

Please Note: To qualify to be added to Made in Grimsby, the Head Office of the Charity must be based in Lincolnshire.

What is a "CIC"?

“CIC” stands for Community Interest Company.

Please Note: To qualify to be added to Made in Grimsby, the CIC must benefit Grimsby, Cleethorpes and/or surrounding areas.

Why don't you accept businesses like Avon, Weight Watchers etc? I'm still a small business

The purpose of Made in Grimsby is to help promote businesses that don’t have the resources for large marketing campaigns. Companies such as Avon, Weight Watchers etc are brands that are well-known and have marketing teams behind them.

Whilst you are still a small business, you have the leverage of the company behind you, which would be unfair to those who have no support at all.

What if I operate from home?

If you operate from home, please put your location as the town you live in (Grimsby, Cleethorpes etc).

Please do not add your personal address, as I have a policy not to add them for safety reasons. If you do add your home address by mistake, let me know and I will remove it for you.