Made in Grimsby Best of Business 2020 Winners


2020 has been a rough year for every single of us and I wanted to offer everyone more than a thank you or a congratulations for surviving this year, which is why I decided to run the Made in Grimsby Best of Business 2020 Awards. I honestly wish I could reward everyone for their hard work, not only running your businesses but also supporting each other.

Best Business Launch

Sponsored by Scents by Sophie.

This was for all businesses that launched during 2020, OR existing businesses that launched something new for example a new service, a new product etc. As you can imagine, this was the most popular category drumming up more than 260 comments on Instagram and I have to say that I was blown away by the love and support people were showing for their favourite new businesses. It is absolutely fantastic to see.

Quite early on I had my suspicions over who would take the crown on this one, and I have to admit that I was completely wrong, and we had a very clear winner.

Drumming up 31 nominations, with a combination of 129 likes, the winner is:

Melt Me by Nadine

There was so much love and praise for Nadine, including:

“so passionate about what she does. Puts so much care and attention into every single order. Her business has come so far so so quickly which is amazing considering the current climate. Nadine works so hard and deserves every ounce of praise.”

“she hasn’t had the easiest year so to come out with a successful business and amazing products is outstanding.”

“she absolutely goes above and beyond to deliver quality items with beautiful finishing touches. She’s ridiculously humble and is forever full of self doubt.”

“people don’t see how hard she works on the smallest details from hand cutting labels to even shredding tissue paper!”

Huge congratulations to you, Nadine. You are – completely coincidentally – the winner of a Large Gift Box from Scents by Sophie.

An honorary mention goes to Maranta, who came second with an amazing 12 nominations.

Best Business That Helped You During The Pandemic

Sponsored by Folk Wine Kitchen.

2020 has been an immense drain on our mental health, so I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the businesses that have kept us active, cheered us up, made us laugh and essentially kept us sane when we have really struggled to move forward.

This was an important category for me, as mental health is something that I am incredibly passionate about.

Although this one didn’t have as big a response as the Business Launch one, there was a huge amount of love for all who were nominated. The winner actually received more nominations that anyone else across the entire Awards, which is fantastic (although Nadine wasn’t far behind).

With 36 nominations and 136 likes, the winner is:

Sharon Louise Thomas

From The Fitness Lounge, some of the comments for Sharon include:

“Sharon went over and above in every way during the pandemic, even when that meant putting everything and everyone before herself. She adapted classes really quickly, kept prices really affordable so even those that were struggling financially could take part and benefit.”

“Moving her fitness classes online with a wake up and shake up every morning was a god send…Sharon has the ability to make you laugh and smile regardless of how your feeling. Giving shoutouts as people logged on made you feel like you was there with her. I know technology is not Sharon’s thing but she fought with WiFi issues, music battles with Facebook and the odd visit from Barney the dog!”

Congratulations Sharon, you have won a £25 gift card to use at Folk Wine Kitchen.

An honorary mention goes to Unit One, who came second with 13 nominations. These guys were a definite help for me personally, so I am over the moon that they came second 🙂

Best Business that Supported the Local Community and Those in Need

Sponsored by Sharon of SharonHolidaysPlease

This was the category that I enjoyed reading the nominations for the most, because they were so heart-warming and I honestly wish I could give a reward to everyone nominating because you are all such amazing people. Unfortunately, I am not able to.

Things that businesses have done include raising money and putting together food boxes for those in real need.

I’m just going to jump in an say that this a very close one and when I was adding up all the points, I genuinely couldn’t guess who was going to steal the title. However the winner was…


Some of the reasons Korrin at Mumaroo scooped this award include:

“Despite the fact they had to close their premises early this year, they’ve helped so many people online, and towards the end of the year have raised money to enable them to buy food, nappies, baby milk and more for those in need!”

“work that’s been done to create food parcels for struggling parents this Xmas”

Not only do I want to say a huge congratulations to Korrin, but also an immense thank you for all the work you have done, and continue to do, for the local community. You have won a £50 voucher off a holiday from Sharon Holidays Please.

An honorary mention goes to runners up Cafe Baraka for their work helping NHS staff and free meals for school children.

Best Business that Helped Entertain the Kids

For many parents, this year hasn’t just meant adapting to working from home. but also ensuring that the kids are entertained as well. Not an easy task, I think we’ll all agree. This isn’t just about keeping kids quiet, but also building their social skills etc. It’s also about supporting mums.

I’m aware this category was the most niche of them all, and only drew a small number of nominations. However, I do think that it is an important one that deserves as much credit as the others. That’s why I decided to sponsor this category myself.

The winner is…


Some of the reasons for nominations include:

“During the early days of the Pandemic, it was a huge shock to go from being able to go three of four different baby classes a week, to suddenly going to none. Having those at Home sessions, which promote bonding and development, was a bonus.”

“being there to support new mums during the year.”

Congratulations, I am buying you a treat with a £20 voucher for Attic Spa* in Abbeygate; you deserve a little pampering 🙂

An honorary mention goes to The Paintbox who was only one point behind Hartbeeps.

*This prize is being bought with my own money, I have not been asked to and I chose Attic Spa purely to support a local business and because I want to offer something that was a treat.

Kat M
Author: Kat M