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Happy New Year lovely folks. I’ve decided to kickstart this year with a new series on the blog called “Our Stories”. I honestly believe that everyone has a story to tell, and as a writer I love hearing the stories of how businesses began and got to where they are.

To get started, I thought I would share my story of how I got here:

My Past Story

My name is Kat and I am the founder of Made in Grimsby, however, I am a Writer by trade and run KJ Copywriting. I have a degree in Creative Writing and Film & TV studies, and the majority of my career has been centred around writing. I spent five years working full-time on the Howarth Timber & Building Supplies website; writing all their content from product descriptions to blog posts, as well as optimising pages to ensure that they are SEO-friendly. I was, unfortunately, made redundant in September 2019 and struggled to find a job doing anything similar to what I was already doing. As a result, I decided to create a role for myself and made the move towards going freelance. I had been freelance in the past, however this time I felt a lot more prepared for it thanks to the immense amount of experience I had gained in my time at Howarth.

Marcs Grimsby Docks 001

I was literally just preparing to launch, but the day before I was due to make the move, in March 2020, lockdown hit and everything stopped. Businesses I had lined up as clients closed down, not knowing how long they would be closed for and as such my business was put on hiatus before it had even had chance to really begin.

I’d been wishing there was a directory of local businesses for a while and had toyed with the idea of creating one, but it wasn’t until my Mum encouraged me that I put into action putting together the website. Her thinking had been that Grimsby needed one, and it would give me something to do with myself whilst my business was on pause.

Of course I had hoped that it would become a useful resource for locals, however I definitely couldn’t imagine how quickly it would explode.

I’d never planned to start selling products. That started as a vague idea I had been playing with after seeing the car stickers all over town for Docks Beers and someone actually made a moment on one of my posts about offering car stickers. At the time, I didn’t really feel that strongly that people would be interested, so I put out a Story on my Instagram asking for peoples feedback and was taken aback at the immense response. Apparently, people were interested in my business as a brand.

At this point, I was making absolutely no money. I had had a couple of clients through my Writing business, but nothing major and the only money I was bringing in was from Universal Credit. My redundancy money had completely run dry, and ultimately, I was willing to try anything.

My Present Story

Not long after I launched the online shop on Made in Grimsby, I approached Chelsy of Northerner on the Run with the idea of working together, and the next thing I knew, she had invited me to be part of The Original Emporium. To say things really kicked in after that, is an absolute understatement.

I have gained so much from my short time being a part of the Emporium;

  • Sales have been better than I could have imagined
  • I get to work alongside some incredibly talented ladies
  • Chatting to the lovely customers
  • Getting me out of my flat on a weekly basis
  • Pushing me to interact with people – I am a naturally shy person, so this is a huge deal for me

My Future Story

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I have recently launched the Made in Cleethorpes product range, that can be purchased through the Online Shop and will be available through The Original Emporium when we are able to reopen.

I have lots of plans for expanding the Made in Grimsby range as well, so watch this space.

I’m always adding new businesses to the Made in Grimsby website too, so if you don’t already, make sure you follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up to date.

Want to be a part of the “Our Stories” feature? Message me on social media or whizz me over an email to: kat@kjcopywriting.com.

Kat M
Author: Kat M