Thank you for your interest in being part of my Local Business Guide for Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

The purpose of the Guide is to help small businesses that are local to the area and have been severely effected by Covid-19. To be included in the list, please ensure that your business meets all of the following:

  1. Your business MUST be located in Grimsby, Cleethorpes or surrounding areas. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): Humberston, Laceby, Tetney, Keelby, Great Coates, Holton Le Clay, Healing, Immingham, Waltham. Other locations may be included, at our discretion. This could be the location you operate (a shop or office) or your personal address.
  2. You must have one of the following:
    1. Physical Location such as an office or shop (home addresses will not be listed, for safety reasons). This includes shops run by others, OR
    2. Website. This includes Etsy shops.

I will add businesses without a website, Etsy or Physical Location only at my discretion, and will judge this on each individual case.

I am unable to accept any of the following:

  1. Businesses with no connections to Grimsby, Cleethorpes or the surrounding areas.
  2. Companies that are part of large chains or franchises
  3. Illegal operations
  4. Unethical operations, including pyramid and ponzi schemes
  5. Avon, Herbalife etc sellers
  6. Weight Watchers / Slimming World
  7. Sex Workers
  8. Cosmetic Surgeons
  9. Anything Medical

I reserve the right to not add a business to the list without explanation. I also reserve the right to remove a business without explanation.

Thank you for your understanding.

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